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Versatile, durable and easy to love, this Classic Perch Bird Feeder invites your feathered friends to enter from multiple angles and dine and relax in comfort. Constructed of weather-resistant steel with a clear plastic seed bin, the timeless design lets birds see what's on the menu and lets you know when it's time to refill it. A lipped tray with drain holes keeps seeds dry to prevent waste. The polished copper roof blends in beautifully with any garden setting. Hang this feeder on a tree or near a window, and observe your favorite songbirds as they stop by for a snack. Measuring 14.5in.H x 9in.W, this cylinder bird feeder holds a generous 3 lbs. of seed.
The Bird's Choice Squirrel-Proof Feeder keeps pushy squirrels out!Don't let greedy squirrels hog all the birdseed! This clever bird feeder has adjustable weight settings to shut the feeding tray, preventing squirrels and larger birds from eating. The Bird's Choice Squirrel-Proof Feeder holds over 9 lbs. of seed (1-1/2 gallons) so you don't have to refill as often. This sturdy bird feeder also features a Seed Saver Baffle to help reduce the amount of wasted seed. Made of chew-resistant metal with a green powder-coated finish, the Bird's Choice Squirrel-Proof Feeder includes hanger and pole mounting bracket (Pole Not Included). 11W x 12-1/2D x 15-1/2H.Benefits of the Bird's Choice Squirrel-Proof Feeder: The Bird's Choice Squirrel-Proof Feeder has adjustable weight settings so you can decide which birds to keep outThis durable metal bird feeder is chew-resistant and rust-resistant The Bird's Choice Squirrel-Proof Feeder is easy to open and fill
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This green solutions small hopper bird feeder is made from 98 recycled plastics, milk jugs and 5/8-inch poly lumberIt has a maintenance-free durable material that\'s guaranteed never to fade, crack or splitThe bird feeder has
Saves The Food For The Little Birds Unique bird feeder secures the food in a way that only the smaller birds can access it. Four 1='' feeding ports are on the downward slope of the globe, making it difficult for larger animals to reach. Clear
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Dimensions: 10L x 10W x 2H in.. Constructed from recycled poly-lumber. Will not crack, split, or fade. Tray feeder with collapsible steel rods. Made in the USA. The simple design of this Birds Choice 10 x 10 in. Hanging Tray Bird Feeder makes it easy to feed birds and watch their comings and goings. Its made of recycled poly-lumber that won't crack, split, or fade. The tray feeder features collapsible steel rods and is made in the USA.About Backyard Nature ProductsHumble beginnings in 1993 have yielded wonderful results for Backyard Nature Products. Founded by Dan Bloedorn, the company began by offering simple backyard bird-feeders built by Dan and has since expanded to include feeders for multiple animals, outdoor furniture, bird baths, bird houses, and more. Now, Backyard Nature Products has its own facilities and team of dedicated employees. Environmentally conscious, poly-lumber (made from recycled milk cartons) is used in a number of their products and any wood scrap is recycled into mulch. Whether you want a decorative accent or a functional place for your feathered friends to feed, Backyard Nature Products has something for you.