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Lancôme Bienfait Aqua Vital Moisturizer Crème. Infuse skin with fresh, oil-free hydration all day, see it glow with health. An ultra-charged moisture complex delivers 16 skin-essential elements to maintain skin's ideal moisture level. Results: Delivers oil-free, water-smooth, fresh moisture Cream, 1.7-oz. (50-g.) All day hydration for skin glowing with health.
Rowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier Hu5120u0. Promote a healthier living environment in your home by maintaining an optimal humidity level with this beneficial device. It comes with an ultimate ultrasonic humidifying technology which creates micro-fine cool water droplets thanks to ceramic disc vibrations.
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Bestair Humidifier Scent, Splash, 16 oz Capacity, Bottle Packing, 0.935 VOC, Composition: Sodium Edta, Clear/Red/Blue, Cinnamon Apple Odor/Scent, Flammability Rating: 0, 1.008 Specific Gravity, Used in all Makes and Models of Evaporative Humidifiers
Now enhanced with Aqua Complex for double the benefits in anti-wrinkle hydration. The advanced technology acts on water quality within the skin to purify cellular water and stimulate the production of collagen. Now in a lighter serum texture, the new formula re-launches hydration flows and restores youthfulness while filling the skin with pure and active water. Skin is left fresh, revitalized, radiant and plumped. Perfect for warm climates and normal to combination skin.72% hydration and a reduction of 27% in wrinkles after only 30 hours. Style Name:Guerlain 'super Aqua-Serum Light' Wrinkle Plumper. Style Number: 665517. Available in stores.
Formulated with soft-focus powders, it glides smoothly over the skin and has a double optical effect on the body. This rich, silky serum provides complete anti-aging and moisturizing body care. Minor imperfections are subtly concealed and the skin looks more even-toned. As a result, it boosts moisture reserves and increases cellular resistance to the effects of time and environmental stresses. Immediately, the skin is supple and smooth again. With continued use, the quality of the skin improves and its texture is refined. Style Name:Guerlain 'super Aqua-Body' Serum. Style Number: 299282. Available in stores.