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Dimensions: 9L x 6W x 9H in.. Durable, corrosion-resistant plastic construction. Lasting ceramic impeller and shaft. Strongly pumps at 2100 gallons per hour. Cost-saving, energy-efficient operation.
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Dimensions: 46L x 10W x 9H in.. Sturdy plastic construction. Submerged motor - do not use out of water. Can remove debris up to one inch in diameter. On/off switch on handle. It's a good thing that fish don't have much in the way of memory, because we're not sure what they'd make of the Alpine Pond Vacuum. Maybe they'd think it was aliens or some sort of weird turtle, but we're sure they won't mind the way that it vacuums up dirt and debris up to one inch in diameter. It gets algae, sludge, leaves, and general junk out of their way. It's easy to use, just make sure you only use it while submerged in water, but with the light weight and telescopic handle, that shouldn't be a problem.
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Dimensions: 26L x 25W x 40H inches, 82 lbs.. Strong poly-resin construction is lightweight for easy movement. Designed for indoor or outdoor use. Water flows down 5 levels of rocks for a soothing atmosphere. Includes 4 lights and an electric recirculating pump. No plumbing needed - water recirculates through the fountain. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, this exceptional fountain is a beautiful and striking addition to any location. Crafted out of strong fiberglass by gifted artisans, the remarkable Five-Level Rock Pond Waterfall Fountain is an excellent addition to any office or home. Just like the natural stones the fountain was designed to emulate, the poly-resin construction is durable enough to withstand the harshest temperatures. The illuminated tiered platforms create a soft trickle of water that eases tension and boosts concentration. Pump is also included. Dimensions are 26L x 25W x 40H inches. If you're looking for a water feature for your mediation room or to add some natural stone to your outdoor garden this fountain is perfect. It's made of sturdy yet lightweight poly-resin that is sculpted and finished to look like authentic stone and features five levels of rocks for water to flow down. It sounds like a merry babbling brook requires no plumbing as the water recirculates through the fountain and this beauty even features four built-in lights to add a bit of magic to your surroundings.
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Ideal for general pond and waterfall use. Has a wide range of functions for flexibility. Use with fountains and filtration systems. Can also be used with special applications. Ceramic shaft is oil-free, magnetic-driven, epoxy protected. Ceramic impeller shafts for long life. Additional Features33-foot power cordAvailable in 1200 to 3100 GPH sizesIncludes a 3 year warrantyThe Alpine Tornado Pump is ideal for general pond and waterfall use, but also features a wide range of functions and flexibility, this pump can also be used with fountains, filtrations systems and special applications. The ceramic shaft is oil-free, magnetic-driven, epoxy protected and the ceramic impeller shafts for long life. Available in a variety of sizes, it will pump 1200 to 3100 gallons per hour depending on size. The pump also has a 33-foot cord and includes a three year warranty.1200 GPH PumpWatts: 65Max head: 9 ft. 8 inchMeasures: 7L x 12W x 11H inches1500 GPH PumpWatts: 95Max head: 11 ft. 5 inchMeasures: 7L x 12W x 7H inches2100 GPH PumpWatts: 125Max head: 13 ft. 1 inchMeasures: 7L x 12W x 11H inches2600 GPH PumpWatts: 135Max head: 14 ft. 8 inchMeasures: 7L x 12W x 11H inches3100 GPH PumpWatts: 175Max head: 16 ft. 5 inchMeasures: 7L x 12W x 7H inches Size: 1500 GPH.
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Includes 530 GPH pump with 15-foot cable length. Color transitions automatically from clear to red/white/blue. 48 LED lights. Includes anchor. Sprays as high as 3 feet. Dimensions: 14L x 14W x 8H inches. If you're garden pond is lacking in pizzazz, here's your chance to bring some true splendor to your backyard environment. The Alpine Floating Spray Fountain creates an amazing spectacle of light that's bound to give your pond a serene, colorful presence.The fountain's 48 LED lights smoothly transition from clear to red to white to blue and back again, creating a calming ambience that will add to your garden's serenity. The fountain sprays up to three feet high into the air and includes a pump and 15-foot cord. An anchor is also included to keep the fountain in place. Add some color to your life!