About Us

If there’s a product you’re looking for, you’ll find it on DealTrend, available from multiple stores with a variety of pricing. We do this to ensure that you have options when buying online. Our deals and coupons are stocked from over 5000 of the most popular online and retail destinations.

At any time, you’ll find up to hundreds of thousands of deals and coupons. And when a deal is over, we do our very best to neatly mark it “expired” so you never get annoyed with unnecessary clicks. If a deal is expired or sold out, please feel free to “report the deal” and mark it appropriately.

DealTrend is NOT a store or a retailer. We don’t actually sell anything. We connect users with stores offering the best deals. From DealTrend, the “Get It” button takes you directly to the vendor’s site where the purchase takes place.

DealTrend’s headquarters is located in Chicago, IL. The site is accessible via desktop, mobile, or tablet. Our development team is actively developing an app that will be available in 2016.